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Dr. Meletha M. E. St. Hill

Meletha M. E. St. Hill holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, Master of Arts in Education (Community Counseling) with emphases in Marriage and Family and School Counseling, and a Bachelor of Business Administration. She is the author of several books, web applications, and audio presentations.

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Dr. St. Hill

Christian BIO

Dr. Meletha St. Hill, born to Christian parents, grew up loving Jesus and committed her life to Him at age ten. Four years later, she had a defining experience when she proved God to be faithful to her as a teen. At 16 years she lost her father and immediately her eyes were opened to see how blessed she was because other youth did not have the loving parents she had.

Dr. St. Hill’s parents taught her about the importance of God’s law of Ten Commandments, especially the fourth in relation to the end of time. Thus, they made every Sabbath special, with delicious food and house cleaning the way people do for Christmas. Additionally, the subjects of Jesus’ priestly function in the heavenly sanctuary and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 have been a joy to study and share with others.


During Dr. St. Hill’s childhood, her mother helped to develop the practice and habit of daily Bible study and prayer. As young as she could remember, she was involved in giving Bible study with her parents. Her first recollection of specifically studying Bible prophecy was with a group of senior members in her church. She was the only child. So great was her love and devotion to God that friends did not matter.

One day, while on her knees praying and asking the LORD to use her to do something to reach people with the gospel, Dr. St. Hill heard Him say to write a book on Daniel and Revelation. She immediately revisited the prophecies to do an in-depth research into them, putting aside all her past ideas. Thus, she spent many hours on her knees asking for the Holy Spirit to teach her.

After several years, the book of three sections was finally completed. At that time, the Holy Spirit taught her to do web application. This allowed her to transform the book into an application to make the material readily available.

It is Dr. Meletha St. Hill’s joy to have you study the prophecy as a lay person without the use of Greek and Hebrew, using the Bible and historical records to interpret the prophecies. As you read and study, be assured that in Jesus, your future is secure!

Dr. St. Hill