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The study of Bible prophecy takes us into a heavenly experience, filled with love, joy, peace, and hope in the midst of the storms of life, believing that our future is secure in Jesus.

Study the Bible prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in three options, 70+ languages, and enjoy the review of key notes via the 700 Quiz questions and answers at a click.

“Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it . . .” Revelation Chapter 1, verse 3.

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The book of Daniel provides a prophetic account of events preceding the time of the end, before the beginning of judgment. The longest timeline of prophecy was given in chapter 8, which requires an understanding of the ancient Jewish sanctuary services.

The Countdown, an additional section, covers the real issue of prophecies and a panorama of last-day events.

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The Revelation of Jesus is a prophetic love story, promising that Jesus will return for His commandment keeping people and end sin. In the story, we get a glimpse of Jesus’ glorified appearance, heaven, and the New Jerusalem.

Live in the Future, Now! This is the title of the Blog, which will address issues of Christian living in constant readiness for Jesus’ return, living through the end of time, and living in the New Jerusalem.

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In God’s master plan at creation,  He designed that all humans worship Him. Their first experience was just after their creation, the first seventh-day Sabbath in Eden.

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Adam’s sin signified that there was a law, which he broke. This law could not be changed because it reflected God’s perfect character and His rule for our behavior.

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The sanctuary and its service pointed to Jesus’ ministry, worship, the eternal nature of the law, judgment, and God’s great, amazing love in saving lost humanity.

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The people who choose to worship and obey God’s law will be rewarded with eternity. Then, God and His sanctuary will dwell with the human family in the new earth.

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