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Three Options

There are three options to read and study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that point you to your secure future. The CODES summary below is given on each content page to remind you in making your choice of reading.

A – This is a presentation of 30 chapters in pdf, 3D flipbook. The user can search within individual chapters and view pages in single page or open book. Great offline reading.

B – Book material is presented on web pages that provide Bible texts hover to read as your finger or mouse hovers on scripture references. Bible search is available. In addition, you have the advantage of choosing from 70 plus languages to read the chapters. Great offline reading.

C – This is the complete book of 30 chapters in 3D flipbook. Use is mainly for desktop. You can search the entire book for key words and terms as an index option. However, due to the number of pages in flipbook, reading some pages and viewing offline may be challenging.


A – Flipbook chapters with search

B – Text hover, multilingual chapters

C – Complete flipbook with search

Choose the reading option that is best for you. Discover the advantages of each option to make your choice.